2014 H-2A Pay Rate Projections (AEWR)

The projections for the 2014 Adverse Effect Wage Rate (AEWR) for H-2A employers has been published. This is not an official wage but more than likely what you will be paying your H-2A workers and domestic workers in corresponding employment in 2014.

The Northern Plains region will experience the largest increases. Tennessee & Kentucky are projected to be over $10.00 and South Carolina has reached the $10.00 mark. The new wages could become effective as early as January 2014.

The first chart below shows the wages by region,

USDA 2014 AEWR Chart

and the second is a comparison chart that ILMC created to show change by state since 2012,

14 projected AEWR chart

**Update: We corrected the pay rate for the state of Washington, it was previously listed incorrectly on the second chart but has now been corrected, thanks to a visitor of our site from Washington who brought that to our attention.